Sweetlove is a unicorn pony born in Canterlot.


She has a pale pink coat and fushia with plum mane and tail. Her mane is in two pigtails. She has fushia eyes. Her cutie mark represents the power of love.


Sweetlove was born in a small house in Canterlot.she lived there for a long time. One day, her mom, Strawberry Treat, had her second filly, named Heartshine. Sweetlove wanted to find her special talent. She tried baking strawberry shortcakes but they burned. Then, helping her aunt on styling hair at her beauty salon, but she made a disaster with cutting. So was in various days. Until she found her dad, Potion Bubbles, making a potion. She was looking, but her dad went to a shop, then, she accidentally poured love essence on her dad's potions. She wanted to get rid of that, accidentally, the potion fell in two ponies heads. They fell in love, and when she went to her home, her cutie mark appeared. Now, she lives in Ponyville, running and living in a small love potion shop. How her little sister got her cutie mark is another history.


Twilight Sparkle Both have interest on magic. Twilight always visit her for learning lessons of love magic and potion making.

Rarity Sweetlove idolizes Rarity by her charm and how to make ponies to fall in love with she.

Princess Cadence Princess Cadence is Sweetlove's favorite princess. She one day met Cadence, and she hopes having a wedding like her's.

Other info Edit

Likes and dislikes

Likes: Romantic moments, weddings, magic

Dislikes: ponies breaking, fake love.