Poppy smiling! :D

Poppy Seed- A teen Unicorn who lives in Ponyville. Her Cutie Mark is a poppy seed muffin, her talent is baking. Muffins are her specialty.


Poppy Seed is a white Unicorn with big brown eyes and Cream & Black colored mane. She usually wears her hippie headbands and sometimes doesn't.


Poppy Seed likes to go on adventures with her pet rabbit and assistant phoenix. She does not really have a lot of friends but is quite a friendly pony. Her brave and courageous personality is similliar to Snow White in 'Once Upon A Time' (a show, look it up). She can be really, strange.


She was borned in Ponyville. She's very fond of her magic, her magic color is green. She does not have many friends her own age because they expected her to be evil like The Changeling Queen. But she really isn't. Her very good friends are Glimmers Shine and Caramel Twirl She foalsits for a little filly named Angel, and is also good friends with Angel's mother. She lives in a cottage with her roommate Scarletta Velvet.