Kitten wet mane

Wet mane Kitten

Kitten Candy== Kitten Candy is a 14 year old pegaus pony that lives in Ponyville and is enrolled in Equestria Acadmey. Her cutie mark is a stick of cotton candy.


Kitten's coat a dull tealish blue color, has deep blue-purple eyes, and a periwinkle and bright purple mane and tail. She wears her pink lucky bracelets at all times and if she didn't have them she would have a mental breakdown.


Kitten Candy is fairly athletic pony that loves to fly. She spends her evenings sitting on clouds eating her favorite food, coton candy. She has a weakness for cats and can speak some Japanese. She can be snappy if you approch her the wrong way, but once you know her, she is super nice. She can be a bit scatter-brained at times and she loves to sing. In relation to the Mane 6 ponies, she is most like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.


Kitten was born in Cloudsdale to Cloud Cruiser and Icy Winds. She loved to fly when she was younger and still does. One day when she was a bit older she flew down to Ponyville and tasted some of Pinkie's sweet treats. She fell in love with them and forgot all about flying. She moved in with the Cakes. One day her parents came to visit so Kitten decied to surprise them with some dessert. While making brownies, she acciedenlty knocked sugar into a pot of boiling water. The result was a sticky pink stubstance. She tasted it and her eyes lit up. Her cutie mark appeared right after. Her parents didn't like because they wanted her to work in the Weather Factory. They sent her to Equestria Academy to learn "something more productive."

Relationships with other ponies (Ponies in bold are not my OCs)Edit

Slushie Spin- They love making desserts together and are very close

Ann- Ann gets mad at Kitten but love hanging out

Cupid Love- Kitten is Cupid's favorite pony. These two are inseperateable.

Blaze- Blaze thinks she's fun

Bliss- Bliss looks up to Kitten and helps her with baking

Paradise- Paradise plays pranks on Kitten, Kitten always gets her back though :)

Spearmint Dancer- Speary can't stand some of Kitten's antics but loves her like a sister

Summer Wind- Summer feels at home when she is around Kitten. They sometimes sing together while they work in Summer's garden.

Isis- They love flying together and playing with cats.