Wet mane Daisy Day

Wet mane Daisy Day

Daisy Day - Daisy Day is an 13-year-old Alicorn who lives in Cloudsdale and teaches her students at Art Academy. Her Cutie Mark is a paint brush with a babyblue lock and babyblue outlining.


Daisy Day is a light pink Alicorn with orange eyes and (too) bright rainbow mane. She wears dresses when she goes to balls or parties.


Daisy Day always likes to fly, draw and laugh with her friends. She gets really excited when she get presents and she gives back a present. She's sweet, kind and generous.


Daisy Day was born in a hotel apartment and they moved to Cloudsdale. She always loved to fly and discovered unknown places. She met more and more ponies. She met Susan, a normal young Alicorn who loves to juggle and she already had her mark. Daisy Day was somewhat jealous. But they became real friends and they talked about each others secrets. Once she met Princess Mautope. She didn't knew Mautope was a princess because she didn't weared her royal outfit as well. They became real PFFs. And once, when she walked around Canterlot and she met Princess Celestia. She inspired her to draw. Daisy Day kept drawing and one time at a normal day she'd earned her mark and Celestia became Daisy Day's foalsitter.


Tulip Day - Tulip Day is Daisy Day's mother

Drawboard - He's Daisy Day's father

Rose Day - Daisy Day's big sis

Thunder Blaze - her cousin

Princess Celestia - her foalsitter

Susan - friend

Princess Mautope - PFF

Prince Drawshine - husband-to-be


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