Wet mane Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace is a light pink unicorn with lavender mane and purple streak. She has magenta eyes and her mark is three babybue diamonds. She loves being a fasionista. She's Sweetie Belle and Rarity's cousin.


Calm and kind, Amazing Grace is one of the most loved ponies in Equestria. She always likes to design dresses with her cousin Rarity. She also likes to sing with her younger cousin Sweetie Belle. She's very great at designing dresses for her lovely friends.


She was born at Rarity's house and she grew up there. She learned from Rarity how to being a fashionista. She got her mark later than Rarity and she grew up with being a fashionista. She kept designing dresses and she got even more better in an hour.


Lavener Diamond - her mom

Aqua Ruby - her dad

Pink Bubbleheart - her big sis

Rarity - cousin

Sweetie Belle - little cousin

Ruby Heart - husband-to-be


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